Most people are surprised when I share with them the secrets to building my strength and confidence.  It is 150% by sitting in silence!  I know, I know, in a GO, GO, GO, ACHIEVE, ACHIEVE WORLD, you would think it is something much more enticing and stimulating! The KEY to building your HOUSE on SOLID FREAKIN ROCK is meditating!  MEDITATING will unlock the door to whom you really are.  Unlocking the door to whom you really are by stripping the EGO of the lies it has covered you with.  Uncovering those lies will bring you a new sense of awareness.  Bringing you a new sense of awareness will bring you new behaviors into how to move forward towards your REAL dreams. MOVING towards your REAL dreams will force you to build a confidence that will have your heels dug in the sand.  Having your heels dug in the sand will have you so focused on your truth that all the storms of wind and rain, sleet and snow, hurricanes and tornadoes, will NOT penetrate your soul.  It is then when we understand, it is those very storms that FIRM our house, our sense of SELF!  Hence,  building your HOUSE on ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is one thing to say it, it is another thing to know it on a visceral level!

So meditation is the key to UNLOCK the ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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