New month! New Goals!

On your way to owning a BIG GOAL, you have to own a BIG TRUTH!

What’s that?
Not everyone wants you to achieve your goals!
You just know!
There is an energetic vibe about it! Like a pink elephant in the room! 
What to do?
Spend less time and talk less to those people and you know who they are! You “feel” it! They are not bad! They are not broken! They just are vibrating at a different level, DIFFERENT, I said, not worse or better! DIFFERENT!
This- you can take to the bank…
people hate what they don’t understand! 
So accept that you will be misunderstood! 
Be UNAFREAKINAPOLOGETIC about it in every sense of the word! 
We don’t mean to hold ourselves back when this happens but we do! If you are aware of this then let go now and go after exactly what you desire and what you have worked so hard for!

 It’s not about the goal!
Nope! I know right? What??? It’s not about the goal in the end!
 It’s about what you learn about yourself, creating your boundaries and declaring to the universe your worth and you cannot perform with no good vibes, an I’m all in, supportive, loving, empowering energy! 
 Above you, 
below you, 
To the left of and right of you,
in front of and in back of! 
Create your tribe! Be mindful!
Zip and tighten it up! 
Your so freakin worth it! 
Raise your standards and expect more! 
Go smash your Month!

Full on!

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