Think of a time you were in a class or an audience and you knew the teacher was going to call on someone. There was a part of you that didn’t want to be called on. Got it? That is what it feels like when you have a SPIRITUAL CALLING! Many times I stop and say, “REALLY? YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?” If anyone was with me they would think I have gone off the deep end talking to “myself”.

Or sometimes it’s a decision which the universe forces you to do or maybe you just feel a force pulling you! Either way, That is a calling! Callings don’t come wrapped up in a pretty bow in a blue box or a lottery ticket. Callings are painful. For in order to RISE to your calling, you have to dis-identify with all you know to be true of you and create a new identity, a new belief. HABITS don’t serve your calling. So if you want to continue to get what your getting than continue to do what you are doing and whom you are doing it with.

I hope this serves you today!



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