I remember a time when I joined forces with someone on a journey and within a few months in they told me they were not sure if they were going to continue!

I left that meeting feeling like someone just hit me in the stomach! Within a few minutes after coming back around I asked myself, “Anna, what are you going to do? Stay the course or let someone’s else’s journey and perceptions effect you?”
BOOM! Done! Decision made! 
You can NEVER hold someone back that is meant to move ahead! NEVER! We are Independent, Free to create what we desire and what makes a leader is not a title, position, or anything outside the capacity to make a decision and stand in that while moving towards a goal! 

If someone doesn’t like what your doing as a leader, and they can do it better they will! You will not hold them back! Eventually after enough complaining and blaming and thinking there is an easy magic answer they will come to realize that they are the force behind their own success! 

Stop complaining, start committing and BE THE SOLUTION you wish to see and watch how drastic your results are! 

I remind myself daily that I am only responsible for my own successes and failures not anyone else’s! Once I took that 800lb gorilla off of me, everything became a little clearer! I started to see how I have held myself back with burdens that were not mine to hold! 

So go out there and Inspire, Lead, and be servant knowing your born to do great things!


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