Most people spend a lifetime talking themselves out of pursuing their dreams.


Get Ready to Confidently Unleash Your Soul Purpose Business to the World in Just 6 Weeks. 

We are the team to serve you and bring your vision to life.

Weclome to

Spiritual Babe


Consider us your Oracle.  We know things. 

People are tired of being fed the same old information.

It’s time to take Aligned Action!

Real Entrepreneurs

do not join or sign up to work for a company. 

They start companies.

This is the WAVE of THE NEW EARTH.

There is a calling for a new kind of leadership.

Are you being called to something bigger? 

Are you tired of hiding behind someone else’s products and brand and ready to OWN YOUR OWN EMPIRE? 

Listen, you weren’t created, in all your unique wonder and majesty, just to be a sheep.  Looking like everyone, sounding like everyone and acting like everyone else.  

We are LIBERATING followers and creating LEADERS! 

In a small and exclusive group of your peers, you’ll be guided through the often overcomplicated steps to launching a business. Over 6 weeks, you’ll engage in deep and intensive soul work, unshackling from the self limiting BS and opening up  to receiving that which is already yours.

We’ll also be taking care of the practicalities. We’ll provide you with expert business support so you can create your unique brand, and we’ll build your online presence for you, so you don’t have to spend hours learning how to do it yourself, and you’ll be ready to take bookings from DAY ONE of your launch.

At the end of this simple but truly TRANSFORMATIONAL programme, you will be ready to launch or relaunch your purpose business for SUCCESS in 2020.

Who are we?




I’m ANNA GASPARI, Spiritual Coach, Successful Entrepreneur and Digital Course Creatrix. I’ve trained with the “who’s who” of spirituality over the past 10 years, wrestling with my own ego in the process, and I have the battle scars to prove it!

My deep, intuitive, transformational work will help you cut through and transcend your bullshit so that you can show up fully in the light of who you are here to BE! 

I am here to help you connect to your message, the one you already hold within and show you how to Rock the world with it!

MANDY & SIAN are my team. They take my wild, creative visions and make them work. 

Co Founders of The Design Prose, they specialise in helping business owners create strong, unique brands, and show them how to launch and grow their business online. 

They are ready to hold your hand through the painful tech setup, helping you build your brand voice, your website and your social media strategy in their trademark, easy to follow fashion. 

We live in a time of information overload. 

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by choice.

Everyone is trying to sell you the ONLY thing you need for success.

  • Social Media coaching 
  • Strategy coaching 
  • Personal growth coaching
  • Marketing coaching 
  • 2.0
  • 10x
  • 100x
  • High Performance
  • Even Chakra Orgasms!! Say what?!

I’m not saying it doesn’t work because like Yogi Bajhan says, “there is always a way”! 

But if you’re afraid to receive clients, and unconsciously repelling the very people you want to serve, no strategy in the world is going to help you.

A strategy without confidence, vision or without having done serious inner work is set for failure.

Not everyone is ready for that 10X business plan.

Some need to sharpen their skills. 

You need a team who are expert at extracting the essence of who you are. A team who will boost your confidence and help you get your message and gifts out into the world.

I spent tens of thousands of dollars on programs I wasn’t ready for.

Wasted time on strategies for success that didn’t help me! 

I’m an artist and creative! I don’t want to follow the same plan everyone else is following and paying thousands for, I’m unique, and I need a plan that’s unique to me! 

I need one that screams who I am and is my doorway to the great God given gifts I AM!!

I need it to be

Beautiful, SexyMagnetic,Soulful, HotCreative, Fun, 

Funny, Expansive, MysteriousClassy, Luxurious, Spiritual!

Funny, Expansive, 

MysteriousClassy, Luxurious, Spiritual!

My Soul needs this and when I don’t have all the things that make me feel expensive, worthy, valued and excited to create


The last two years I’ve had a huge EGO death and I celebrate all that I am now with a badass team of women that are ready to serve your souls needs and get your good works out into the ethers! 

This is the ONLY program you need RIGHT NOW.

Spiritual Babe CEO 

For the Spiritual woman who has a message to share and great work for humanity! 

Your “work” should be a part of you! It should feel fluid! 

It should give you workgasms! 

I love what I do and I’m excited to share with you the steps to creating your own aligned online business or program, forged with passion and purpose! 

Together with The Design Prose, we are SHOWING UP! 

This 6 week program is not your ordinary coaching program.

The value you will be getting from this is frankly, ridiculous.

Spiritual Babe CEO will show you the KEYs and SECRETS to:

Simplified and Energetic Ways of starting a business

Attracting your Soul Mate Clients

Receiving the Cash that is Rightfully Yours

Selling like a Boss

Spiritual Financing in your Business

Contributing to Your Cause through your Business


Gaining the Courage it takes to Energize your Work out into the World

Protecting your Business

All the Small Print Legal Schmegal

Everything you need to start your business with your eyes firmly on the prize.

Embody and Embrace the Sexy CEO and professional AF online business babe you are


Get Excited For:

Your unique website designed and built for you.

WORTH $2000

Brand Coaching to get clear on how you show up online.

WORTH $1000

Design Templates you can use for your business.

WORTH $500

Social media setup and coaching on strategy and scheduling.

WORTH $500

Email list building creation and coaching.

WORTH $250

Canva design training.

WORTH $250

In depth copywriting coaching.

WORTH $1000

6 Bespoke Teaching Modules from Anna

WORTH $1500


A full resource vault available to you forever, on completion of the program, including everything you need to legitimately register and insure your business, design elements, bonus trainings and templates.



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This Wouldn’t Be a Sales Page Without Some Bonuses

When you Graduate from the CEO program, you will be gifted lifetime access to my show stopping business courses:

Girl, Sell It  (Worth $499)


Queen Empire (Worth $1499)


30 Days of Branded Social Media Content & Copy Prompts for the Platform of
YOUR CHOICE (Worth $77)


Look, the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need is YOUR MESSAGE, a PROGRAM and a PLATFORM.


If you are TIRED of spinning your wheels

Need a fresh new UPGRADE on your business

Want the COURAGE and team to back you up in launching your new program

YEARN to start your own Spiritually Based Business

Want to TRANSITION out of Network Marketing

CRAVING your own brand and Inspirational gig

HUNGRY to work with HIGH VIBE, catalysts for change, mentors and creatives

EAGER to take advantage of the opportunities within the online coaching space, projected to make 1 billion dollars A DAY in the year 2020

Spaces are limited – we are only accepting 10 clients.

We can only deliver a quality and bespoke coaching program of this calibre to a small group at a time. 

The program commences 1st January 2020.

The earlier you sign up, the longer you have to take advantage of all the pre work available throughout December in the private Facebook group.

Once we close the doors, the next intake will not happen until Spring 2020, when the price will increase.


As a team, we work in synergy.

We are passionate about raising the vibration of the planet by helping those of you who teach others to be all they can be to get out there and share your gifts.

We don’t deal in fear. 

We don’t use underhand tactics to sell what we do. 

If we tell you something is worth $$$, then that IS what it’s worth.

We will never teach you to be anything other than authentically you, and we will never try to sell you something we don’t honestly believe you will benefit from. 

We ride on the coattails of simplicity, transparency and hope. 

If that sounds like the kinda gang you want to be a part of, press the button now.

Most programs like this offer you either:




We give you both, and so much more, PLUS we’re going to do all the frustrating tech for you.

If you let this opportunity pass, and decide to do it yourself, the minimum you’ll pay for everything in this program will be circa $7500.

So don’t miss out on creating something amazing in 2020. 

We want you to be in our gang.

We want to help you become a Spiritual Babe CEO.

xoxo Babe

Please read the Terms and Conditions before purchase.

Copyright Anna Gaspari, The Design Prose 2019