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c e o King or Queen?

If you’re running an online business, you need to promote it. It’s no good sitting on something that could help thousands if nobody knows it exists. But how do you cut through the noise of all the self proclaimed marketing gooroo’s and find genuine mentors who will show you how to grow your business in an honest and authentic way?

You want to reach more people, to spread your message and raise the vibration of the planet in your unique way, and of course you want to make all the money honey in the process, but you don’t want to compromise who you are to do it. 

Let me guide you. I’ve built several successful businesses online over the years, and I can see a charlaton a mile off. Spare yourself the misfortune of hooking up with vultures, and check out my list of go to Coaches and top notch products to help your business soar!

You can shop directly, or if you’re unsure which is best for you where you are in business right now, just hit the CHAT button and book a call. I’ve got your back!



The VIP Life

Danny & Elizabeth Clarke are my business mentors. They’ve both built a number of successful business, including in the network marketing space. They have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening NOW and  really understand the nuts and bolts of growing  an organic and authentic  online presence.

Everything you could ever need to grow a successful online business can be found in The VIP Life.


The VIP Life Content Creator

If you’re growing your business on social media, you’ll know how time consuming it can be to come up with consistently engaging content.  Well guess what I’ve discovered? For the price of a good bottle of wine, you can have your Facebook groups monthly content delivered to you, and all you need to do is personalize and post. So simple, you can have a months worth of content scheduled in just 30 minutes!

Imagine what you can do with all the free time! Heck, get that bottle of wine anyway. You’re going to enjoy kicking back and watching your group go nuts for your fresh new content.


The VIP Copywriting Course

Ever wonder why your content isn’t getting much engagement? There’s a little bit of magic that goes into well crafted content, and you can find out all the secrets here in this introduction to creative copywriting. Find out about killer headlines, punchy power words and emotional triggers that you can apply to your writing and have people begging for more.

VIP Business In A Box

Imagine you’re starting out in business, and someone delivers to you a way to create your entire online marketing system in one go, with guided instructions every step of the way.

No more digging around in YouTube looking for a video on ‘how to build a website from scratch that doesn’t look like a 5 year old designed it’.

There seriously is no other product like this on the market right now. And by becoming a member of The VIP Life, you get access to all of this as part of your membership. What are you waiting for?

Web Design & CopyWriting

The girls at The Design Prose have swooped in to rescue me from ‘death by tech’ by taking control of my online presence.

They’ve built The Temple, my new course platform and transfered everything across. They’re revamping my website. They’ve taken care of payment issues, email issues, worked on my branding and helped me strategise for success.

More than ‘just’ web & copy, these girls go the extra mile for their VIP clients and I’m proud to promote them here. Book a no obligation call with them through their website right now!! You won’t regret it.

Join my Collagen Revolution!

$10.00 off premeir collagen with this link or Join our Rebel Boss team and book a call here.

Are You Green With Envy Over My Sexy Affiliate Page?

Stop throwing business away by losing track of all your links.

Get a page for your affiliate loves, branded to your business, with sassy copy and all the smooth integrations built for you by my Girls at The Design Prose for just £275!