OK Soul Sibling, it is time to get real!  No more fluff!  If you are ready to move forward, there are a couple steps in doing so.  The first step, EMBRACE where you are and OWN it!  I know, it sucks.  But, we have to take 100% responsibility for where we are in order to take the power to change it~PERIOD!!!  Not 50%, Not 75%, Not even 99%!  100% of it!  There is something about where you are, that you chose! Now I am not talking about when you are robbed of or victimized in some way.  But, I have a feeling you know what I am talking about!  For example, maybe there is a financial situation.  When we decide to become a witness to our story, we can start to see how we played a vital role to get into that financial situation.  At that very point, we admit our part, OWN it without one ounce of blame and then embrace it fully.  When I say Embrace, I mean accept and love yourself unconditionally.  Love yourself, even when imperfect!  It is then, we can let go of that identity, so that we can change our story and our role!  See, our role, is played out by what we believe about ourself. What do you believe about YOU?  If you wrote out your life like a script, what is your character like?  You have to be brutally honest!  No denial here!  Then, the fun part!  You get to change the script!  Who does your character play out to be?  That is what I would call your higher self!  Now start playing that role every day!  2017 is the year of Spiritual Awakening!  There is a special kind of enthusiasm going around!  Enthusiasm literally means, “the God (en Theo) inside (iasm)” .  So this equals, God Inside You!!!!!!! How exciting is that! When we are enthusiastic, we are our most CREATIVE!  When we are our most creative, we are JOYFUL!  When we are the most Joyful, we are in alignment with the Universe and all it has to offer! Tell me you aren’t in complete awe when you create something yourself! Come on!!!  That feeling is so good, you would bottle it if you could! So how about we say that we are going to take complete ownership of the mistakes, mishaps, blunders and messes of this past year, so that we can let go and let God! #thespiritualgrind #surrender

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