Ego, aka: lower self, shadow nature. I spend about 20-60 min daily investing in my studies to what

I call- Anna-ology!

Call it personal growth, self development!

My goal each morning is to live 51% of my day in my true spirit! 
Boy oh boy is it a journey to be on the path of deliberate ego transformation! WOW! 

I used to hate the ego in my elementary days of my understanding but now realize THROUGH EXPERIENCE how the Ego is an integral part of our human soul! 

The Ego is a great teacher, wiser than anyone outside ourselves, IF allowed to be taught by it not led by it! 

Allow your AUTHENTIC LIGHT to shine on those shadows so that our GOD CONSCIOUSNESS can be revealed! 
Have gentle compassion for yourself in those less than perfect behaviors! No one is ALMIGHTY! We were born flawed! There is only ONE that is so perfect! 

Live in your light! 
Be TRUE to your soul!



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