I remember the days I would post and see how many LIKES and completely be obsessed with if it was ok or not, am I good enough or not, what do others want or not, who liked it and why didn’t someone like it, blah blah blah and so BLAH!!

Is anyone else exhausted from just those words! There was actually ENERGY behind that!! LIFE FORCE FREAKIN ENERGY!

I started to despise FB and people until I learned the attack was only on myself! I freed myself of all that! I no longer care about the weasels that look but don’t like (ok that was my despising EGO still)

Or being so called “popular”! I never was that girl before and I don’t intend for this vehicle to make me that girl now!

I learned how to use Facebook to be inspired and inspire others truly from the heart! I learned to use my Facebook as a tool for my businesses truly from the heart!

We are all here to be heard, to make a difference, to know we matter and count! Watch how you treat others with attack words and psychic energy that is only attacking your own self! Honor what others are doing and SEE what they are trying to do! CONNECT! That’s the name of the game!

What makes us “like”each other?

Namaste my FB friends! Have a blessed day and do something loving for yourself today so that you can go out and love the world better!

Sat Nam

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