Are you trying to control everything including your feelings?

People ask me all of the time, “Anna, what do you do when your not feeling AMAZING?”

I honor my feelings!

If I’m feeling off now, I will go in my sacred space (more to come on that) and I sit in quiet, meditate and talk to myself! I will ask myself why I feel guilty or sad or down and just wait for my spirit to answer!
Usually the answer is immediate! 
And sometimes Its not and I honor that space! I don’t always have the answer right away but when it comes up I thank it, bless and release! 
Too many times in my past I wouldn’t have time to feel defeated or tired or angry or annoyed or depressed or unworthy! Who has time for that shit I have dreams to build! 
Keep doing that and eventually those feelings will keep coming up until your willing to see your truth! 
I couldn’t ask for help, God forbid! I’m superwoman lol! 
I have too much to be grateful for so God forbid I feel sad or defeated, which just then leads to guilt which leads to unworthiness and then the cycle starts all over again!
Emotions are your signal from God! 
Listen to them! 
Honor them! 
Then thank, bless and release!
Your the most important person in your life so better take care of ALL OF YOU! 

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