*Heal your money story

*Drop the struggle around money

*Become an energetic match for the greens

*Create a radical shift in your limiting beliefs around money

*Have money feel safe for you

*Live in a state of financial abundance and flow

*Claim the cash as yours

*Learn some rituals that will be fun for you to activate your abundance

Then these are just some of the reasons you cannot afford to miss this course.


Are you ready to Up your Game in your ManifestSLAYtion and live your Champion Life?

I have been there before! To be honest, the Ego reminds me of some of those negative beliefs when I am ready to up level.

No matter how wealthy you become, or how many dreams you manifest, there may still be things that you will feel “out of reach” with. This is not a bad thing. This is an opportunity for you to see where you need to stretch, BE BIGGER and VIBRATE at a higher frequency to get to the next level you.

You were born to ADVANCE.  If you weren’t ready to grow, you wouldn’t be here right now. I attract those who know they were born for more and are willing to do what it takes to live that out!

As you transcend some of these limiting beliefs, those past stories will peak it’s head back up.

The key is to know the strategies to pivot, correct and move FORWARD.


You are ready to recalibrate my friend.

If you are reading this and have gotten this far, you are ready!

If you have been looking for a sign, this is it!

No really!!! This IS it!

I have 10 Rituals that I know to be the Key Game Changers in Manifesting Money! I’ve learned this in my 13 years of education in Spirituality and Metaphysics but most of all, within my own personal experiments and experiences.

I have dedicated the rest of my life to this work and people like you that LOVE improving and continue to advance themselves while here on this planet!

I am here to serve you in your Highest Light and share my wisdom and ENERGY with you!

It doesn’t matter where you are right now love! It only matters where you are going!

Step one to any Manifest-SLAY-tion process is to say YES!

Even if you don’t know HOW you are going to afford it or do it, you must tell the Universe you are a YES.

See, the Universe IS a YES energy. It wants proof that you are ready. It wants your commitment by an action step.

The Universe doesn’t hear your words babe!

The Universe only FEELS you!

She FEELS you!

She knows when you mean business by the exchange you are putting out there.

It is really that simple.

She will then guide you to your next step and process.

The more committed you are, the more you manifest to which you committed to.

When you commit to this course, High Vibe Money,

your energetic exchange means the Universe must delivers the goods. 

That’s how she rolls!

I am not saying by just taking the course you will earn what I earn, do or have what I have. There is work involved. Unlearning,

Re-learning then implementations.

I am also saying that if you take an approach like this:

“YES, of course I am going to enroll in High Vibe Money because, I am attracting wealth into my life. And I know that what I do now will make a difference in one month, two months and on. I know that my mind is open to endless possibilities and I need to be in the right container to get activated with a group of like minded souls. I know that with my focus and attention, I will manifest the money I want by learning the rituals and techniques that my Soul Sister, Anna is reminding me with. I know that when I say “attention” that means “action”.
Faith without Action is Useless.

I am a YES energy and will match the frequency of the Universes Yes energy because, I have been asking for ways to make money and She has already delivered an answer. I will remain positive and open to the Wonders of How this is going to manifest for me. Thank you to the Cosmos! I am all IN!”

That is the approach that will give you a much bigger Return on Your Investment!

This is not for the girl who:

  • Is not ready to learn new things or be in a high vibe space.
  • “Wants” the results, but won’t take action.
  • Is driven by Ego instead of Spirit.
  • Is not willing to change

This IS for the girl who:

  • Is fed up with playing small!


  • Knows this isn’t really about the money and is ready to find out and deal with it by manifesting the very thing that she has been rejecting!


  • Is ready to heal the money wounds that need to be healed at this present moment!


  • Is ready to COMMIT to being wealthy, Freaking EXCLAMATION POINT!

~Healing money stories and the process around this.

~Getting clear on what your soul is yearning for and begging you to let in.

~Plugging up any energetic leaks that are draining your bank account that you are unaware of.

~Shifting into Receiving and Abundance.

~Raising your standards. (Some content from Bitch School as a bonus)

~Next Level Manifest-SLAY-tion processes that are updated from your old “vision board” trainings.

~New ways to position your questions for Quantum leaping into Abundance.

And so much more:)

When does High Vibe Money Start?

As soon as you say yes, you will get added into the FB group to start the Inspiration, gain activations and energy from me. I will continue to pop in the group for LIVE mini trainings to keep you in a High Vibe State. You will definitely have a head start the earlier you commit.

The First Module will drop on March 6 which is the next New Moon! The New Moon represents the BEGINNING of a cycle. With all of the new rituals and activations you will be downloading, this is the perfect time to Manifest your newest desires.

Hi! I am Anna Gaspari!

I am the owner of The Spiritual Grind™, a Digital Course Creator, a Mentor to Spiritual Entrepreneur’s and teacher in Metaphysics.

My absolute favorite thing to do is Gather and Empower Women to their highest badass self!

I wasn’t always as confident and successful as I am now. I was born scared shit! I had so many money traumas that I have had to heal and continue to do so as they come up.

Thanks to my education, devotion to this work and my own personal experiences, I can now shift out of the limiting beliefs quickly. I had decades to experiment on the things that work and know what doesn’t work.

Also, it has been being in the grind and hustle of building my own businesses that my best knowledge comes from.

I am a wife and mother of 3 children.  My life doesn’t just revolve around myself.  I don’t sit around all day snapping fab pics of me all day and posting to stories with every move I make.  I am the real deal, living the real “mom life”, creating the empire of my dreams.

I am going to share how I manifested my dream home on an income that was seen as impossible and built two 6 figure businesses at the same time.

I will also be sharing the tips and tricks to shifting back into our natural state of abundance even when I am feeling sick or depressed.

I originally started my first business in the online world to make money selling products. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my purpose was to EMPOWER women to find their true voice, be courageous and build their own empires.

Creating freedom as a Spiritual Entrepreneur has been a dream come true to me. The dream is in supporting, inspiring and teaching my Soul Sisters what I have done and watching them do it. What can be better? Giving my greatest gifts away is priceless and what gets me out of bed each morning.

It is time to drop the guilt around your success! The days of feeling “guilty”  need to be behind us for the love of the Universe and all things holy! It is time to raise the vibration of the planet and our sisters so, that we can rise in financial freedom, therefore, being of greater service to all humanity!


My favorite thing to talk about is money!  I am lit up just thinking about how EPIC this is going to be!

Don’t wait Girlfriend!  This price will never again be this low!  HVM will only be this amount for the first round!





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