Are you obsessed with The Law of Attraction? 

BUT,  you’re frustrated a bit with it because you haven’t quite figured out why you are not “flowing” with it (lie-ish #1, will discuss)?


Did you know there are Universal Laws inside the Law of Attraction that are not spoken about?


I have been studying and experimenting deliberately with these Laws for over a decade.


I have manifested what most only dream about.


My greatest love, my husband.

My dream home that I was honored to design and build.


Great friends.

Cars, including a Mercedes and I will share that untold story with you.

Different amounts of cash.

My membership (10 years ago I planted the seed on that before it became a thing).

My Gucci and more. 

I was born for this! I have come to this planet to teach enlightenment through my own personal discoveries and it feels pretty freakin’ awesome coming out of the closet with that one.

I have a certification with Holistic Learning Center from 2009 as a Self Mastery and Spiritual Life Coach. I even studied at University of Metaphysics. In addition, I have completed a study program with Gabrielle Bernstein in her Spirit Junkie Masterclass 1 and 2 for Spiritual Teachers and countless healing modalities such as Ho’Oponopono, Inner Journey, Emotional Freedom Technique, Subconscious Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga 200 hour Certification and more.

I know! Call me a Healing Junkie! So yes my beloved, I transcend so that I can help others do the same. And I will stop at nothing until I know my work is of great impact. 


There is a lot going on since Social Media has blown up! 


I want to use it for the greater good and teach others to do the same.

Since I am radically in love with learning and experimenting with Universal Laws, I want to share with you a container that I know you will be activated in to attract and become a Magnet to what you desire and most of all in the process, set yourself free. 

Please know that this is a Sacred Invitation for you to join me in a Revolutionary Movement that has already begun. I am just one of many teachers to light this grid up in the very unique way I can.

I not only will be teaching you about some powerful tools to rocket you next level of consciousness, but I will be sharing with you how NOT to buy into the cut throat, climb to the top by hurting others mentality that is circling us on social media. 

Staying in your lane, truly Breathing Life into others while not enabling bullshit takes radical transformation through self love.

Being a Truth Teller is an art!  

Since I am at heart an artist, allow me the honor to teach my

Experience and Intuitions on this subject!


I thank you in advanced for taking the leap with me. The Universe responds to your FAITH first. The Universe dropped in my beautiful mind at this divine timing to put “Game of Manifesting” on the map. It will lead you to bigger Miracles. For it is just the way. 


And So It Is, my Co Soul Creator Queen!  


Let’s Do This!


  • 2 day workshop/mini course
  • $111.11 (why not?)
  • July 31 and August 1st at 8pm EST
  • ZOOM (and recorded for you to have forever)
  • Manifesting PDF
  • Manifesting Meditation
  • Manifesting Affirmations


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