It took me up until the last year to really accept that I was emphatic after a few life changing relationships and experiences along my journey!

I was an unaware empath for far too long, even though some tried to guide me to this understanding, I couldn’t accept it as truth! Once I finally opened up to it and accepted it because the symptoms were getting stronger and stronger it has been such a revelation and journey to my true self! I’m not saying this is or isn’t a blessing for I haven’t got that far but I can tell you it has felt so much like a curse at times being in the dark about it! I am ready to talk about it! I’m ready to release some true emotions so I can get some healing from it and help

Others heal!

Do you know what it’s like to feel other people’s emotions and just know things unsaid?

Do you know what it is like to be hypersensitive to TV and noise?

Do you know what it is like to not be able to walk into a hospital or place of sickness because there is like a magnetic force around it pushing you so far from it?

Do you know what it is like to be so disturbed to watch ANY kind of violence in a movie or tv or even just hear a story and read about it because it immediately gets felt in your body?

Do you know what it is like to have people lie to your face while you know and have that settle into your heart space?

Do you know what it is like to have people stab you in the back, the same people you gave your heart to, and wonder why your back pain is so bad you can’t walk?

Did you ever wonder why you have such stomach and digestion issues?

Do you know what it is like to always be exhausted as long as you are around a certain person, a lot of people and/or are on social media sites a lot?

Do you know what it is like to get pickier and pickier on the foods you eat to the point you would rather eat nothing?

Do know what it’s like to promote peace at any price even your own soul because you are so non confrontational putting your needs behind everyone else’s?

Do you know what it is like to get confused over meaningless things and unable to take the next step because your feet are so off the ground onto the big picture almost in delusion to escape your own confusion?

Do people peg you for naive, aloof, and airheadish??

Have you been in abusive relationships in your past?

Are you a quiet achiever and crave peace and calm?

Well, these are just some of many things that an empath goes through that isn’t pleasant!

Empath’s attract controlling, selfish, narcissistic behavioral personalities because an empath’s heart is open and willing to give it all and this opposite blood sucking personality will take and take whether they know it or not! Sound familiar? Pay attention!

Learn the ways to protect your self for this can become very detrimental to your health! You tend to hold things in to a fault not to hurt anyone’s feelings! My husband has always been my biggest teacher on this, calling me naive to a fault, watching many people my walk all over me! He has to tell me

When someone has control

Over me or when I give over my power far too easily without even seeing it!

Your energy is everything!!! You are valuable and most people think your aloof and a dumb dumb so much that they continue to draw your beautiful qualities from you, they want that very thing they don’t have and take advantage and then make you feel that they feel sorry for you!!!! They pretend to feel so sorry for you! They make you think you need help! They make you think they really care! But they want something more from you! They don’t want to help you they want to control you and suck the beautiful life from you! I haven’t quite figured that all out but learning that one! Then, when you think it cannot get any worse, they kick you when your down!

Maybe, just maybe it’s to feel in control and some kind of hero to save you! Not sure! I am anything but controlling!

And this weakens an empath a tad for a short time, for sure how couldn’t it? Breaks your heart! Confuses the shit out of you because why?? WHY???? Why would someone do that you ask? Omg! It took me so long! And sometimes I don’t even understand and have to just trust!! And until you accept and learn the protection pieces on your journey you will

Continue to attract them at different levels! Or they were always there but once you get rid of one you see another one at a different level! It’s like playing asteroids!

But here is one thing that you can guarantee! If and when an empath comes out of that state of “where the eff am I and what just happened to me?”, we get clearer! We get stronger IF willing to accept this weird truth! We see not only more but THROUGH!!!

This is why I am so passionate about self mastery and standing in your own beliefs! I used to believe exactly what someone was telling me! Those words got absorbed into my being because the energy followed it and it was all dark! I did some massive clearing thanks to some healers and my self awareness!

So if you have been feeling weird especially about certain situations and relationships maybe this will

Help! It’s always the controlling, type A personality, selfish, NARCY tendencies that are dangerous for an empath’s soul!

You are stronger than you think you are! I Believe this is a great gift when understood! 20% of the population are empathic! You either are one or not! Mother Earth is pushing all the bs out into plain view and these are great times of awakening to your soul!!!

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