Ready to upgrade your Standards?

Then you are ready to upgrade your BOUNDARIES!

Yes, wipe the sleepy’s out of your eyes, you read that right. It is time to WAKE UP my soul sister! You have dreams to build. Don’t let the word freak you out! I need to disrupt the “nice” out of you for a few moments, many actually. Until you get what it truly means to live the way you want!

It is time to LIVE the fulfillment of the Heart…

and take NO shit!

  • Trying to do all the “right” things?
  • Distorting your Self-Expression of who you are here to be, for the Approval of others and to feel Secure?
  • Want to live the life you desire but feel it is out of reach?     
  • Ready to recognize your Saboteur Voice?

You get what you are available for!  Do you like what you are getting? Want an upgrade? Do you know why you desire the things you do? Because you chose to experience it before you became human. But, this world has taught us a very different lesson, my love! This will be a thing of the past when you say YES to #bitchschool! Hashtag the shit out of your life now!

Create the Experiences in life that you have always dreamed of. You will awaken to emails from me with messages every day reminding you of your Greatness!

This Bitch is NOT mean! This Bitch is NOT exclusive! This Bitch is not a victim and does not complain! She is a LOVER!  She is Tender! She is WILLING #AF to figure it out! She is PASSIONATE! She PLEASURES herself and doesn’t wait for the World to stroke her! NO ONE outside of her defines her! She is Generous but knows when it is time to RECEIVE!!!!!! Her SOUL is HER BRAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THIS BITCH IS BEAUTIFUL! THIS BITCH IS UNASHAMED! 

She secretly wants to say a lot of things to the world, but holds them in. 

Recognize any of “HER” in YOU?

Join me in maybe the most FUN mini course of your life ever! This may never again be at this price again!


  • The secrets of getting what you want
  • How to hack your beliefs to manifest your desires
  • Journaling prompts to help you release your Inner Magic
  • Action steps to activate a dark truth within that sets you free
  • 4 Week Course with Weekly Lessons
  • 4 Live Group Coaching Calls (ZOOM)
  • Weekly #BitchAssignments and Affirmations
  • Private Community


Lessons Drop: Thursdays @7am
November 8
November 15
November 22
November 29

LIVE Zoom Coaching Calls:  Tuesdays @ 12pm EST
(will be recorded as well)
November 13
November 20
November 27
December 4