I have been journaling for 12 years. Last  December I took most of my journals and burned the pages of them. I kept only a couple and am excited to rewrite a brand new story. What I have realized through my years of Journaling is incredible.

Are you ready to transform your life through scribing?

So many of my clients have never journaled before they took my courses or coaching.  They took notes.

Not journaled.  The questions that I prompt throughout my work, and the transformations from them have made me realize that this is one of the first steps to change.

How would you love to create a routine daily where you get to talk to your higher self through automatic writing?

I am offering a…

7 Day Journaling Challenge

Journal to Your Higher Self is going to be a journey to conscious stream of writing!

I will be posting and/or going LIVE daily in group

Take the leap with me to make the end of 2019 and 2020  a magical year!  Journaling is such a powerful tool!

Once you pick up momentum, which is the goal of the challenge, you will be a pro!

“Intention” setting will be FUN again! 

Are You Ready??

Each day for 7 days,  you will receive a message from me via email, journaling prompts and accountability!