Hi, I'm Anna.

I have a free and entrepreneurial spirit.  I am obsessed with my Faith, my husband, my children, friends, coffee, chocolate, everything spiritual, fashion, home decorating and designing a life that is  fun, awesome and all things amazing.



THE SPIRITUAL GRIND, a safe place for you to be WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE! The Spiritual Grind is a reminder that we are Spiritual Beings having human experiences and we need to check our EGO, DAILY! This is created to support you in living your HIGHEST VISION in your HIGHEST VERSION OF YOURSELF! Are you ready?


Hello my Warrior Soul Friend!

I am so excited we are here together.  I feel like I know exactly who you are. Sounds totally cra to you, right? Your probably like, “I never even met this girl.”

We are more alike than you even know.  I have called you to me by rising to my own calling.

I am so excited to share all the spiritual teachings and lessons that I have learned throughout my last decade.

See, in 2006, I went through a life crisis that lasted a couple years, which led me to become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach.  In 2009, I got my first certification, which was named, Self Mastery Teaching.   To tell you the truth, I had no idea what the Universe had planned for me but I knew a force much stronger was guiding me.

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Anna Gaspari

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