You don’t have to create her,

you just have to set her free

Anna xoxo babe

Are you ready for your  awakening?

The Spiritual grind – a safe place for you to be who you were born to be

You know something is off. You keep thinking you are broken or lazy.

But you’re not. You are just vibrating with the universe in its true, clean power and fighting to stay awake because you see through the bullshit!

Anna Gaspari

The new life and person you desire is being haunted by the identity and energy of your past! Yes reprogramming is inevitable and having an Ego death is too!

You may not want to believe this but doing the inner work is the only way out! It’s not sexy! I can’t wrap this up with a thong or a cute laptop lifestyle pic!

You will have to fight her to the death! You will have to move that energy that is stuck Inside you out like an exorcism!

You CANNOT have this orgasm of rebirth quietly!

Are you ready to fully LEAN IN to your AWAKENING?

You give away your POWER by blaming others, the devil, your circumstances…

If you are going in circles, feeling like you’re repeating patterns that no longer serve you, reach out! It’s time to be an advocate for your heart and soul!

I am just so happy and excited for my future life to expand into this world! Hearing Anna speak to me for the first time just started with chills throughout my body and I just fell right into alignment with myself, my emotions and spiritual feelings.

Tristina Diane


Hey, I’m Anna

Spiritual Badass and Mentor to the Rebels

We live in a loud, busy world.  I will teach you how to turn off the distractions, recognize your Ego mind and hear the silent whispers, which are being drowned out, in order to rise to your calling.  I am with you on this journey to spiritual growth and nothing makes me happier than to teach what I have most needed to learn on my own path.

You are 100% supported by the Universe, especially when you are coming from a place of true authenticity of SELF.
I am passionate about supporting you to release the power that lives within, that perhaps you have lost sight of.

client notes

“All I can say is WOW”

After taking a couple of workshops with Anna, all I can say is “WOW”.  

Anna’s experiences have made her a true believer in her authentic work and she is not afraid to discuss her failures as well as her accomplishments.  Her positive energy is quite contagious and I left the workshops with an “I can do this!”attitude.

I  love to  listen to Anna for guidance, and she is always able to give a different perspective on things.

Martha Hernandez, Owner of Spice of Life Yoga

“One of the most supportive and enthusiastic souls”

Anna Gaspari is one of the most supportive and enthusiastic souls I ever had the pleasure to work with.

Therefore, if you are looking to work with a professional coach that is passionate about supporting you in achieving your goals you can’t do better than Anna because she is a self-made success story, which is why she will help you be successful too!

Hu Dalconzo, Master Coach and Owner of Holistic Learning Center

“Anna was able to help me change my thoughts”

There are many things I can say but I am going to give a  specific example that created a change in my perspective working with Anna

It was a Sunday morning and I could not stop obsessing over how a client spoke to me.

I called Anna.

Change is a process but sometimes you just need the words at that moment to move you through it. Anna was able to help me change my thoughts that not only changed my day but helped me communicate more effectively and not trigger anyone’s ego. 

Kim Black, Financial Advisor

Anna Gaspari

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