Anna Gaspari

Spiritual Self Mastery Coach

Transcend Money and Success Shame Through Spiritual and Personal Growth.


You don’t have to create her, you just have to set her free.

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Hey, I’m Anna

Spiritual Self Mastery Coach, Successful Entrepreneur and Digital Course Creatrix

I have been building an online business in Sales, Influence and Mentoring since 2009!  It was when I decided to take my brand and be bold with it, and speak my truth, that things really aligned for me.

My intention is to serve motivated women to their highest calling teaching them to tap into what is already within and SET HER FREE!

We live in a loud, busy world.  I will teach you how to turn off the distractions, recognize your Ego mind and hear the silent whispers, which are being drowned out, in order to rise to your calling.  I am with you on this journey to spiritual growth and nothing makes me happier than to teach what I have most needed to learn on my own path.

You are 100% supported by the Universe, especially when you are coming from a place of true authenticity of SELF.

I am passionate about supporting you to release the power that lives within, that perhaps you have lost sight of.


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A little background …

I’m a spiritual entrepreneur and teacher.

I’m passionate, devoted and a motivational sage, and a Certified Spiritual/Self Mastery Life Coach since 2009. I attended Holistic Learning Center for my degree.  I also attended the University of Metaphysics.

I’m devoted to teaching people how to create a better life by bringing out the best version of themselves, and guiding motivated women down their OWN spiritual path.

Money Miracles Webinar

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Money Miracles, based upon my Miracle Methodology, is a practice that has helped me many times over, and helped so many of my clients to overcome money and success shame.
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